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Easy 日本語 1『Particles & Space』

September 11, 2009

preview1The first mini lesson is all about usage of particles and space. I’ll be covering the particles「」,「」and「」and how they work in space.


In my first mini lesson I want to explain a bit about Japanese particles. As everybody know, particles seem simple yet are deceptively difficult to master. Something that has confused me in the beginning is how to use particles and space. I’ve created this small graph showing the difference in meaning using different particles.


」 is often used indicating a direction (similar to へ particle)

example: 向こう走る (むこうにはしる)

」 combined with a place it indicates going through it

example: 歩く (みちをあるく)

」 combined with a place it indicates you are finding yourself within that space, while can also mean ‘in’, is more seen as ‘how/where/with what/using what’

example: 泳ぎます (うみでおよぎます)


So that’s it for the first lesson, I hope this was helpful and I’d like to have your feedback what you thought of it, if the explanation was clear, comments etc.


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  1. October 3, 2009 3:56 am

    These mini lessons are awesome! Best Japanese lessons ever!!

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