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Issue 8: J-Book Review

February 26, 2010


Learn the differences between similar Japanese verbs

whitenyone who has been learning Japanese long enough knows that verbs seem at first, pretty straighforward, some even say easy. But as you progress you’ll find out it gets progressively difficult and what verb to use in which situation becomes confusing. For example, Japanese has 4 verbs for closing and all using the same kanji『閉まる』,『閉める』and『閉じる (/)』, so which is which? To tackle that problem,『にほんご単語ドリル動詞』explains them side by side.

explanation-3aVerb Training
Often in Japanese, you’ll learn verbs that have several different ‘versions’. A lot of verbs have a transitive and an intransitive version, but many times it goes beyond that and you’ll end up learning multiple verbs similar in meaning. This can lead to confusion (read frustration) when you encounter a situation and you’re trying to remember that one correct verb to use.『にほんご単語ドリル動詞】』puts similar verbs side by side explaining the differences between them. The book covers transitive and intransitive verbs, compound verbs, verbs with different pronunciations, verbs holding several different meanings and auxiliary verbs. Each unit starts with an overview of verbs and each verb is then explained individually followed by example sentences. Because the book is aimed at JLPT N2 and N1 learners, explanation is done, for the most part, in Japanese. In some occasions it will show the English translation as well as Chinese and Korean.


explanation-3aDrill & Exercise
Like the title says, this book is more seen as a learning drill, preparing you for the JLPT. On one side you’ll find the verbs next to eachother with short explanations and on the facing side exercises complete in JLPT style.

The book is quite straighforward, you learn and compare the verbs, do the exercises, check the answers and move on to the next unit.


Anyone who has been learning Japanese for some time now or thinking about taking the Japanese proficiency test (N2 or N1) and want to practise verbs, this book is for you. It has a no-nonsense approach and also serves as good reference material and visuals are provided for better understanding. Exercises in JLPT style are great to get a feel how the JLPT questions are given. More books in this word drill series include『にほんご単語ドリルぎおん語ぎたい語】』and『にほんご単語ドリル慣用語四字熟語】』.

Book Info
title: にほんご単語ドリル: 動詞
pages: 127
dimensions: 25.7 x 18.5 cm
extra: n/a
language: Japanese – English – Chinese – Korean
publisher: ASK (
ISBN: 978-4-87217-689-6
special Chokochoko rating: 80%

used image source: にほんご単語ドリル

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