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Issue 4: J-Book Review

February 18, 2010


Find reading a Japanese novel daunting? Try Japanese Graded Readers! Read more…


Issue 3: Kanji Flash Cards

February 16, 2010


Forget your iPhone Anki, White Rabbit Press flashcards are the hot must-have item! Read more…

Issue 2: Mini 日本語 Easy

February 15, 2010


Want to be even more expressive? Use mini kana! Read more…

Issue 1: J-Book Review

February 13, 2010


In this first hot issue of Chokochoko we cover an awesome Japanese encyclopedia! Read more…

『The Photo and the Anatomy』

November 2, 2009

preview17Finally launched, in cooperation with my good friend, Chokochoko presents our new photoblog! (That’s right! Yet another photoblog! We know you love them :))

The Photo and the Anatomy

『The Mysterious Halloween Murder Case』

October 30, 2009

preview16bAs reported on CNN and all major news channels, there has been numerous reported cases of innocent pumpkins being sacrificed, hacked open, cut up and ripped apart all for the joy of All Hallows’ Eve. We have first hand evidence of this cruel act in this special report! Read more…

Confessions of a study-book-shop-o-holic

October 18, 2009

preview15In a no-shame-tell-all I confess to you my deepest darkest secret of a situation spiraled so out of control I’m beginning to think I need to check myself into rehab. What you’re about to witness is not for the faint of heart, you are hereby warned…and kids, please don’t try this at home! Read more…