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『Classifying de Tango』

October 14, 2009

preview14Studying vocabulary of a new language can be a daunting task, not only do you have to study endless lists of words but with so many different types it won’t take long before you mix up which is what, what goes where and when to use what. In this latest issue of Study Tips learn how to effectively separate different types of words by using a smart marking system of abbreviations. No dancing experience required! Read more…


Season Special『1-Month-Anniversary!』

October 10, 2009

preview13Chokochoko is 1 month old and is celebrating, wish us a happy one month anniversary and a cheers to many months more! Read more…

Easy 日本語 4『It’s a Magical Thing!』

October 4, 2009

preview12Tonight we have a magical act planned for you that will even turn Cirque du Soleil green with envy, but for your 日本語ために we’re willing to risk it all! The duo「」&「」are tonight’s center attention and your first class seat has been reserved already…! Read more…


『Introducing to the World』

September 28, 2009

preview10Sometimes you just need a friend to study together with, and boy do I have one for you! Well actually make that two, I mean three, four, five… just come and see and I can tell you, they like you already! Read more…


『The Manual who was not Loved』

September 25, 2009

preview9Turn your old Japanese manual into study material and learn practical Japanese! Read all about how reading everything, including the small print, can help you with your Japanese studies and reading ability. Also, learn what other tricks you can use to even make good use of 5 spare minutes! Read more…


高級 日本語 1『Some respect please?』

September 21, 2009

preview7Here in the western world you can most often talk to your boss or a stranger the way you would do with your friends, formal speech is not something we stand still and think about often, but in Japan people live by it. Say something using impolite speech and you are thought to have no social manners at all. Let’s gain some respect by talking with respect! Read more…


『The Mighty Notepad』

September 20, 2009

preview6In an age of digital gadgets, electronic dictionaries, palm tops and e-flash cards, the old notepad gets rarely used and overlooked easily. In this issue we’ll cover its smart use, what to look for when buying one and prove it still holds an important position in todays digital society! Read more…