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The Chokochokos


explanation-3awhiteo you were curious about the Chokochokos weren’t ya? I’m sure you’ve been wondering, Chokochokos?? What the heck are Chokochokos?! First let me ask you, are you tired of studying Japanese alone? Do you wish you had a friend or two to study together with? Boy do I have one for you!! Actually, make that many ones!

Meet the Chokochokos, YOUR personal Japanese language assistant! Chokochokos are mysterious yellow creatures whose only purpose in life is to help you with your Japanese. They can be found only in Japan and because they’re not so smart and have no abilities, they love to do the only thing they’re good in: speak Japanese. Chokochokos love to chatter and can’t stop talking! On this blog you’ll find many, many Chokochokos popping up waiting to help and talk to you. But first let’s take a closer look at the miraculous life of a Chokochoko!

PS: Insecticide or a fly squatter won’t kill them but bad Japanese makes them explode instantly, so please, for all Chokochokos’ sake, がんばれ!




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