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Chokochoko is closing…

February 4, 2016

Dear readers,

It has been a long, loooong time since I’ve made another blog post as I have been doing a lot of other things in life which didn’t allow me to work on Chokochoko. As much as I like Chokochoko and the little slice of home it has become for me and most importantly, you, the readers, I feel like it’s time to move on.

Chokochoko as it is now, will be closing. To all you readers, THANK YOU!




But wait, don’t be sad. Like I said, it’s time to move forward…and so is Chokochoko! Chokochoko will be moving to its own domain, which means a new website, a new look, and all new content. It’s still in the nurturing stages and it’ll take time but Chokochoko’s need time to evolve 🙂

It’s goodbye for now and see you again soon in the future.

Yours Truly,

All the Chokochoko’s


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